Phase 1: Launching FNC Mint Pass on Polygon Network

  • Develop and launch the FNC Mint Pass with a supply of 5555 on Polygon network
  • Aim to onboard and educate new users about web3 technology and its benefits while minimizing costs with Polygon’s cheap transactions

Phase 2: Mint Pass Sale and Giveaways

  • Sell out the Mint Pass with 70% of the royalty was given back to the holders
  • Offer exclusive tickets to big NFT events, raffle off NFTs, and host cash giveaways
  • Provide early minters with a 6x-9x return on their investment and a chance to sell their Limited Edition FNC Pass for a 120x return


Phase 3: Development of NFT Collection on Solana

  • Use the funds generated from the Mint Pass sale to create an NFT collection on Solana with a limited supply of 888
  • Hire an artist to design unique and appealing NFTs
  • Purchase hosting for a new website to showcase the NFT collection and connect with other NFT projects for collaboration and support.


Phase 4: Burning of FNC Pass and Genesis Collection

  • Burn FNC passes and offer 1 free mint on Fhibi Genesis collection for every 10 FNC passes burned
  • Provide early burners with exclusive perks, such as The Originals role and access to market fundamentals, alpha calls, and trading calls
  • Distribute Fhibilisted spots to other communities and offer priority minting opportunities


Phase 5: Website Update and Community Growth

  • Update the website with more details about the project and its utilities
  • Test the “Raid to Win” program on Twitter to benefit the project and help other communities
  • Receive feedback/insights from project founders and community managers


Phase 6: Launch of Fhibi Genesis

  • Launch Fhibi Genesis on Solana with multiple stages of minting, prioritizing early FNC Pass burners, and using Coral Cube as the launchpad
    Supply: 888 | 554 = Free Mint to Mint Pass Holders
  • Allow listing of Fhibi Genesis on Magic Eden and other marketplaces
Phase 7: Staking with FNC Vault and Mint Funds
  • Create FNC Vault for staking and storage of Fhibi Genesis with the ability to earn FNC Tokens. FNC Vault will feature also NFTs, WL spots, and tickets that can be won on our future raffles.
  • All the funds generated from minting will be kept in our treasury wallet, and a portion of it will be invested in other promising projects on Solana. The profits generated from these investments will be shared among the holders. Any decisions regarding the use of these funds will be made through a voting process involving the holders.

Phase 8: Launch of Fhibi Pass and Airdrop FNC Tokens

  • Launch the FNC Token which is farmable through staking Fhibi Genesis.
  • Launch Fhibi Pass and airdrop it to all holders

Phase 9: Launch of Fhibi Artifacts and FNC Store

  • Launch Fhibi Artifacts – 1/1 Collection
  • Create the FNC store, an online marketplace offering limited edition merchandise that can only be purchased with FNC token.


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